Remuera Village

Remuera, your village

Remuera Road

The village

Remuera is a premier suburb that wears its history, character and charm proudly. This can be seen in the graceful homes, storied streets and the busy shopping precinct many locals call ‘the village’.

Remuera Cafe
Restaurant dinner plate

Character & Charm

Buildings that have stood for a century continue to provide goods and services. Many stores remain independently owned and operated, providing interesting choices and personal service not found elsewhere. Restaurants and cafes abound, making the village a popular place to meet up with family and friends.

Restaurant dinner plate
Remuera Library

Services & Amenities

Remuera is also noted for its medical services, with many specialist practices here. Adjacent to the village are fine primary schools, along with amenities for young and old alike including the library. 

Remuera is a well connected community.
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