While each person who lives at Wairua will be unique, there are often similar important questions that are common to everyone. If you don’t find your question here, we’re happy to find an answer for you.

Will there be car parking for residents?

Secure car parking is provided and most apartments at Wairua come with at least one car parking space.

We have seen in the media examples of developers increasing prices to meet rising building costs; how can we be sure this will not happen at Wairua?

The Agreement for Sale & Purchase does not permit the Developer to ask for a price increase, the price you sign up at is the price you will pay.

What internet and media connections are supplied to my apartment?

All apartments will be provided with high-speed fibre internet and digital TV connections.

Do I pay Council Rates separate to my Body Corporate Fees?

Yes, every property owner in New Zealand pays an annual amount to their Local Council, this goes towards maintenance of streets, parks, and the safety of the city. The cost is calculated from a valuation of your property, known as the Capital Value (CV) or Rateable Value (RV). This assessment will not be undertaken by the Council until after your apartment is completed. You can find more information on the Auckland Council website, including rates estimates for similar valued properties.

Will my apartment be quiet?

Wairua will be built to meet or exceed the then applicable New Zealand Building Code requirements. Double glazed glass and comprehensive sound insulation will be a standard inclusion.

Will the building be watertight?

Wairua has been designed by a team with a great track record and will comply fully with the weather tightness and durability requirements of the New Zealand Building Code at the time.

Am I allowed to keep pets in my apartment?

Wairua is pet friendly and the rules for pets are set out in the draft Body Corporate rules. Approval of pets will be at the discretion of the Body Corporate Committee.

What building warranties will be in place?

There are various Developer and building warranties that are for the benefit of Purchasers or in some cases for the Body Corporate on behalf of all owners. Some are provided by the Developer, others are provided by the builder or suppliers of materials and products for the construction and fit-out of the buildings: 

Purchasers will receive warranties on appliances and fit-out materials used in the construction of the apartments as provided by suppliers. 
Some building materials and works (e.g. electrical and plumbing) are warranted by the suppliers as part of their producer statements. 
As well as specific warranties, there are implied warranties in the Agreement for Sale & Purchase under the Building Act 2004. The Building Act implied warranties are for 10 years and cover almost all aspects of building work compliant with the Building Code. 

Can I make changes to my plan design?

Many of the building design elements are advanced, but there may be opportunities to adjust specific elements within your apartment. You may choose from two different colour palettes and there are appliance upgrade options available at a pre-agreed price. As the construction process progresses, these adjustments will become impractical, so we encourage you to consider these early and speak with us.

How secure will my apartment be?

All entry points to Wairua are controlled by electronic swipe card access. Audio/visual links are provided to allow visitor entry.

When will construction start?

The site will be cleared and construction is scheduled to start in April 2021, subject to Auckland Council Consent requirements.

Will there be an on-site manager?

The Body Corporate will employ a visiting building manager who will come on site to manage the building operations and maintenance activities; including cleaning of common areas, rubbish collection, gardening, as well as general maintenance and other items as required.

Who sits on the Body Corporate Committee and can I become a member?

The Body Corporate Committee is made up of apartment owners. Typically owners will be invited to put their name forward and all owners vote a committee in. You can choose to be as active or passive as you like in your Body Corporate.

What happens to rubbish and recycling?

There is a rubbish, recycling and green waste bin area provided in the basement for residents to dispose of their household waste. The bins are collected regularly by a private contractor to make sure the basement is kept clean and tidy.

Is there a Body Corporate?

Yes, a Body Corporate will be set up to manage the Development, initially by the Developer. The ongoing appointment of the Body Corporate Manager will thereafter be undertaken by the Body Corporate Committee. Please request a copy of the “Introducing Strata” guide book which is an easy to follow guide on Bodies Corporate.

Are the apartments freehold?

Yes (Stratum Estate).

Is my deposit safe?

Yes, your deposit will be held in the Developer’s Solicitor’s Trust Account securely and independent of the Development. Net interest accrued whilst the deposit is held will be credited to yourself and deducted off your purchase price on completion, subject to the terms of the Agreement for Sale and Purchase.

What am I purchasing?

You are purchasing an apartment, legally described as a Stratum Estate in Freehold and comprising the apartment and any applicable car parks, storage lockers, and terraces/courtyards.

What are the construction materials?

The primary materials are concrete, locally assembled steel and glass, contemporary materials chosen for their permanence as well as aesthetic appeal.

What is the estimated completion date?

It is expected that the build programme will be completed during Q1 of 2023.