Wairua Remuera penthouse apartment balcony view


Many of Wairua’s fifteen apartments draw their inspiration from the traditional villa, with a defined entrance lobby for greeting visitors and a hallway leading to your expansive living area. Bedrooms come off the hallway, giving further privacy.

Wairua Remuera living room

Connected spaces that bring people together

Wairua has interconnected living areas, where you will beable to relax on a sofa while chatting to someone working at the dining table, gather with family at the end of the day to unwind, share lovingly prepared meals, entertain effortlessly. This easy interplay is what makes your apartment, for all its modernity, a real home.

Wairua Remuera kitchen
Pasta dish

Gather, share, enjoy.

Whether it’s a celebration meal, a pre-dinner get-together or simply coffee with a friend, your beautifully finished kitchen is where people will feel welcome and truly at home. With the latest Bosch or Gaggenau appliances, natural stone bench tops, and bespoke cabinetry with contrasting high-gloss and veneer, your new kitchen will also inspire you to new culinary heights – be ready to surprise yourself. Everything has been so well thought out. What you need is always to hand and cooking couldn’t be easier, whether you’re preparing a lovely meal for yourself or entertaining a crowd.

Pasta dish

Retreat, restore, revive.

Lady in bed

Whether you’re just taking a little time out or retiring for the night, your master suite is where you can reconnect with yourself.

With its five-star hotel ambience, the bedroom will cocoon and spoil you. You’ll find even more luxury in your ensuite bathroom – a inner sanctuary where you can prepare for your day or ready yourself for a special night out.

Wairua Remuera ensuite
Towels on bed

How many bedrooms?

Besides the luxurious master suites, most apartments will have second and/or third bedrooms. These are generous, flexible spaces that will welcome guests, or perhaps do double duty as a home office, media room or hobby space.

Wairua Remuera penthouse living room

Outside comes in.

The delights of living at Wairua will reach far beyond the interior of your apartment. Extensive floor-to-ceiling glazing will bathe your home in natural light; it will also frame striking views to the north and south. The overlook of mature trees and lawns in Wairua Reserve will also be yours to enjoy.

With large sliding doors that can be drawn back, your living area and balcony will seem almost as one. Inside or outside, you will see each day unfold, the seasons change, the weather turn, sunrises and sunsets, and birds in flight.

Wairua Remuera penthouse apartment balcony view
People drinking wine
Chartreuse platter

Inside steps out

The effortless flow within your apartment continues to large balconies that become second living areas. Designed for casual entertaining, they are sheltered and discreet. Many of Wairua’s balconies face west, inviting you to bask in the late afternoon sun, and savour a glass of wine in the company of friends.

Chartreuse platter

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