At Wairua

Many things will make living at Wairua highly appealing.

Remuera Street
Wairua Reserve


Let’s start with the easy walk to Remuera Village, home to boutiques, café’s, hair salons, medical services and much else besides. Also, your quick access to recreational amenities that include green spaces like Mt Hobson and Waiata Reserve, the beautiful Orakei Basin Walkway and sporting facilities like Remuera Bowling Club and Remuera Rackets.

Wairua Reserve
Wairua Remuera entrance


There will be more to love as soon as you arrive back at Wairua. You feel at home as soon as you enter the lobby, before taking your lift to your apartment. On your way you may encounter neighbours with whom you will share a common interest.


Connection is a recurring theme that continues in your apartment. Wairua is about considered, balanced spaces that bring people together, enabling you to share an easy, relaxed lifestyle in a home that only enhances your enjoyment of life.

People drinking wine


Sociability has shaped the design of every apartment. For example, how will young and old interact in your apartment? How can people withdraw when necessary, without losing touch altogether? Also, the flow from the front door, where you greet visitors, to the spaces deeper within the apartment where you engage in conversation and relax. This understanding of what people treasure in life, and how little things make a big difference, will make living in Wairua a pleasure from the day you take possession.

People drinking wine

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